Project Description

We received an email from a volunteer on a leadership committee with a local Chamber of Commerce, who had the task of assisting a local non-profit with public relations and fund raising.

Email is great for an initial introduction, but to really find out what a client is looking for we need to speak and ask questions. Joe took the lead and arranged a call to learn about the agency, the project and how we could be of help. The leadership committee was so incredibly thankful for his time, since all previous companies they reached out to simply said “No thank you.”

By asking questions and learning about the needs, deliverables and message, Pepe Productions and the Leadership Committee came up with a plan and budget to accommodate all parties.

The result was not just one, but two terrific videos for the Mechanicville Area Community Services Center that the Leadership Committee could proudly show as their contribution for a deserving agency that might not have happened without simply reaching out and us listening.

After visiting and working with the Center, we could not be more proud of our work for the Mechanicville Area Community Service Center. Helping a business that does so much for the community and helps so many people, that’s what it’s about.

Project Details:

  • Leadership Committee
  • Non-profit budget
  • Interviews
  • Delicate subject
  • Working with families
  • Planning ahead to do two videos at a time

The additional video produced at the same time to celebrate the Center’s 50th Anniversary!