PEPE PRODUCTIONS has the experience and reputation, since 1979, of learning, teaching and embracing video production


The effectiveness of video goes beyond the written word because it adds the emotion of truth to a brand campaign. Video has become a staple in the promotion of businesses large and small.


In addition to traditional websites and broadcast options, using video on social media and e-mail marketing, as well as employee recruitment and client introduction is sure to produce a return on your investment.


Nearly 170 million US online viewers will watch video in 2012. Those viewers cover every market and have access to your site and video on any given moment with new technology. Your customers are among them.

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Our videos

A variety of video samples, including footage compilations from larger projects. Check out our YouTube channel for more videos.

A few words about us

Peter and Joseph Pepe have been fulfilling clients' video needs for almost forty years.

What we do?

Pepe Productions is an award-winning professional video production company that can help direct a client from concept to production to distribution. Whether you need a video for television, a business web site, or to show at a special corporate function, we have the know-how to make your next project easy, enjoyable and stress-free.

Why choose us?

We pride ourselves on the experience that we bring to each and every project that we undertake. Our reputation has been built on almost forty years of learning, teaching and embracing the ever-changing technology of the video production industry.


Video request…

Local softball coach Buddy Beames had the idea to host a Jennie Finch softball camp in South Glens Falls, New York.  Working with Pepe Productions, the following video was sent to Jennie’s camp…


By capturing their attention, Coach Beames was able to host a Jennie Finch softball camp giving more than 350 girls the opportunity of a lifetime.

Video is an effective tool to stand out among the crowd and deliver your message properly and professionally!


Reputations and Relationships

Although we remain based in Glens Falls, New York, a small upstate city situated at the foot of the great Adirondack mountains, we have strong relationships with the numerous businesses that we service throughout our community, the greater region, and the United States.

We not only service our clients, but we work just as hard working for marketing and advertising agencies to be their video department.  Many times our greatest projects are the collaboration with their creative minds and our video talents combined.

What they say about us!

  • We don’t really care about film. We care about impact. Our experience has been that when we go to Pepe Productions and get a production back, whether we put it on the web, or show a crowd, or use it to greet the public, the impact is big. Pepe Productions puts us in the best light. We see ourselves in their film the way we want to be seen, the way we want to be known.


    Dr. John Rugge Hudson Headwaters Health Network

  • We do large workplace campaigns, and when we’re out there showing those videos and people are reaching into their bags, pulling out a kleenex and wiping their eyes, we know we’ve done a good campaign video. My experience in working with Pepe Productions is that they totally get who we are. They understand the message that we are trying to get out to the public.


    Barbara Sweet Tri-County United Way

Video services

The question inevitably arises, “What kind of videos do you make?” With almost 40 years of experience, we’ve created corporate videos for every scenario and objective.


Promote your business, your product and your event


Recruitment for jobs, companies, school and athletes


Television, internet and movie theater preroll commercials


Drive sales to your store or internet shopping cart


Safety training for factory occupations and product knowledge

Product Introduction

Introduce a new product or service to your audience


Train employees on jobs or customers on your products


Help boost your fundraisers exposure or story

Real Estate

Selling real estate in today’s market requires a nice video


Story telling in the most entertaining form to document for generations


Current events can be worth for companies and organizations

Point of Purchase

Selling your product or service at a trade show or convention

Pepe Productions

We have access to video everywhere we go, from our TV, computers, phones and websites. It’s never been more important to have a professional video than in this technological age.  We’ll ask the right questions to determine the right video and deliver your message to your audience, for your goal in multiple platforms.

Frequently asked questions

Some common questions when inquiring about video productions.


Why would you want to use video to tell your story?

The average person remembers merely 20% of what they hear, and only 30% of what they see. But remembers an incredible 70% what they hear and see!

No wonder video is such a powerful communications tool. If you need to reach customers that are looking for you, you should consider a professional video so they will experience your message, remember your story and contact you to get the details.


Video is more prevalent and easier to find than ever before. A short well-crafted one-minute video has the ability to produce a customer for life.  On the other hand, a hastily made, unprofessional cell phone video can haunt you with negative impressions and portray your business in a very unflattering way.

This is why all businesses must learn to correctly utilize videos to market their services on the web. These videos can also be used in numerous other ways like a personal presentation for a new prospect, or linked to an email that you may use to introduce your company to a potential new customer.

A well-produced business video will pay off ten-fold in no time at all. Not every web video you post will end up going viral, but a few hundred — or even a few thousand — views can lead to some serious money for your business.


“How much does a video cost?”

We get that question every now and then (okay, we get it all the time).  Many times, the answer isn’t what you were looking for, because “It depends.”

No different than if you want to buy a house, a car, a computer, new cell phone or even a meal, the price depends on a number of factors.  Our job is to make you a video that does what you need, for the audience you are targeting, delivered through a platform you or your marketing company have decided on.  So naturally, we have a lot of questions to ask to find out what it will take to produce the video you need.

The investment of a professional video for your company can be justified in the amortization over a few years, which is the shelf life for a well produced video. You can track your views, your time-spent-on-site, your call-to-action results. You’ll be a video believer.