We met with Angel about a television commercial she was looking to make for local cable. She admitted her apprehension as other agencies and companies weren’t able to convey her message and the brand she’s worked so hard on.

After an initial meeting and listening to her speak passionately about what she does and why she does it, and getting a feel for her brand, we delivered a television spot she was proud to air.


Having earned her trust, she’s called on us since for new projects, including this powerful testimonial about Jolena and how Angel was able to help this precious girl and her family.

When a client needs one video, we are happy to oblige and deliver whatever they need. It’s rare they use us for only one project. We want clients for the long term. If we keep coming through for them, they know we’ll be there and they find new ways to use our services, and that’s the best advertising we can have.